Slingo Starburst Slot

Almost ten years after the release of the original Starburst slot, Slingo Originals added a mind-boggling twist to the iconic game. Of course, you still have the 5×3-reel structure, but you will have to slash through the Slingo levels to get there.

Slingo Starburst blends the best of bingo and slot machines. As a result, the main game structure has a bingo kind of grid and a slot reel structure. The gameplay might seem perplexing, but you will get through it after reading this Slingo Starburst review.

This slot looks even more sensational than the original game. That being said and done, let’s run through the game features to get you ready for a fun gaming experience.

About Slingo Starburst

Slingo games have been around for over two decades but have only recently gained prominence in the online gaming industry. This entertaining twist to the Starburst slot debuted in 2021 to an already excited fan base.

You can see the Slingo mechanics in the initial and main game screens. The structure is different thanks to the combination of bingo and slots. 

First, you must wade through different Slingo levels to win or collect a symbol for a guaranteed winning spin. The spin takes place on the original slot game’s 5×3-reel, where you can grab the maximum prize of 1,500x.

Slingo Originals stayed true to the original release regarding the graphics, and the overall theme still emanates that galactic feel with twinkling elements now and then. Indeed, it is a worthy remake of the Starburst slot.

There isn’t much deviation in the music. We still have the jazzy soundtrack, but it gets more intense to match the Slingo game. Also, the game has splashy sound effects and animations when you match numbers or unlock the bonus Starburst reel spin.  

How to Play Slingo Starburst

It will not take long to grasp this game, even if you are an inexperienced player. The initial gameplay is more bingo-like, with a well-laid-out structure for matching numbers.

Slingo Starburst has two layouts in the main game: a 5×5 grid filled with numbers and a 5×1 reel. Your role is to land matching numbers on the single row reel to match the entire grid. 

The base game has ten initial spins. Of course, the number might not be enough to complete the bingo; hence, the provision for 40 extra spins.

Below is the outline of how to play the slot:

  • The game’s controls, including the spin, settings, and bet size buttons, are on the right side of the grids.
  • You have ten spins for one game, after which the slot adds 40 spins. Nevertheless, you will get a chance to win one free spin.
  • If you get to any level in the ten slingos, you can collect the symbol and head to the bonus winning spin. On the other hand, you can continue with the 40 spins.
  • During the extra spins round, the bet value increases as you match more numbers and climb the Slingo levels.
  • As you climb higher, you can collect the unlocked symbol and unlock the bonus game. Nevertheless, you can continue to reach the full house with the Starburst wild as the winning symbol.

Interactive Features

The Slingo Starburst’s main game has simple features. It does not have an auto-spin button because the base spins are automatic already. On that account, the only interactive function on the screen is the dollar button.

The dollar button: This feature allows you to pick specific bet values between €0.10 and €100. The bet value applies to the first ten spins of the game and does not hold during the extra spins round.

Game Symbols

Aside from the numbers and a few extra wilds, the rest of the symbols are from the original Starburst slot. Their pay values, however, come into play during the bonus game.

Slingo Starburst has a good dose of wild symbols to spark more matches on a single spin. But before that, let’s see the pay values of the regular icons in the bonus game:

  • Blue gem: rewards x5, x10, and x25 for 3, 4, and 5 on a betway
  • Orange gem: rewards x7, x15, and x40 for 3, 4, and 5 on a betway
  • Green gem: rewards x8, x20, and x50 for 3, 4, and 5 on a betway
  • Yellow gem: rewards x10, x25, and x60 for 3, 4, and 5 on a betway
  • Seven: rewards x25, x60, and x120 for 3, 4, and 5 on a betway
  • Golden bar: rewards x50, x200, and x250 for 3, 4, and 5 on a betway

None of the symbols have any function in the base game. Nevertheless, there is a Starburst wild symbol capable of transforming to give winning combinations.

Slingo Originals added the following special symbols and functions to spice up the gameplay:

  • Purple gem: This symbol has a pay value depending on how many show up on the 5×1 reel. Three have an instant cash prize of 0.5x, four have 1x, and five have 2.5x.
  • Starburst wild: This will allow you to pick a matching number from the corresponding column when it appears on the reels.
  • Regular Wilds: This icon performs a function similar to the Starburst wilds on the 5×5 grid. You can match a number as long as it is in the same column.
  • Super Wild: It is the most powerful in the base game. Landing any on the reels allows you to select any number for the entire Bingo grid.
  • Blocker symbol: This icon does not affect the grid.

Bonus Features

The Starburst game is the main bonus round in this Slingo slot machine. You will get one spin on the reels, but there might be one or two respins, as we will see shortly.

The maximum winnings in Slingo Starburst occur during the main bonus round. Cash rewards can be substantial depending on which symbol you have going into the bonus feature. 

Free Spins Feature: The free spin symbol triggers one bonus spin. Land it on the reels, and the game will take you to an extra spin chance wheel before awarding the free spin.

Starburst Feature: You can completely match all the numbers on the 5×5 grid. However, the base game might extend into 40 additional spins that increase in bet value as you climb the bonus ladder.

You can collect the unlocked symbol if you do not want to spend your bankroll vying for the top full-house prize. The value of the icon limits the cash reward in this bonus feature. 

As a result, getting the max price most likely comes from the full house’s symbol, the Starburst wild. One guaranteed thing in the bonus round is a winning spin based on the collected symbol.

Slingo Starburst Slot Software

Slingo Originals, the provider of Slingo Starburst, is a popular software for its clever mix of slot machines and bingo games. The company is into slots with diverse themes and entertaining values, but they never fail to include opportunities for big wins.

Top-rated Slingo Originals online slots include:

What Symbol Triggers Slot Game Bonus Free Spins?

The base game has a free spin symbol that triggers a wheel of chance to win one free spin.  

Paylines and Stakes

This online casino game has 12 winning lines on the 5×5 grid and 11 awards. You can select bets from €0.10 to €100 for the ten regular spins.

What is Slingo Starburst RTP?

Slingo Starburst has a Return to Player (RTP) of 96.5%.

Slot Volatility

What we have here is a low-to-medium volatility game.


A bonus round with a guaranteed winning spin is, by all means, a unique addition to any slot machine. You can unlock the Starburst wild symbol for an even bigger payout.